Parvathy Omanakuttan on the Ramp

Behind the scenes actions at Kingfisher Calendar 2009 Shoot

"I briefed Atul to work in a space that would create images that were sensual yet understated," said Vijay Mallya about the much-anticipated Kingfisher Calendar which features six hottest babes from across the globe. The breathtakingly gorgeous pictures were clicked by mercurial photographer Atul Kasbekar at 'Six Senses Hideaway Resorts' at Koi Samui and Yao Noi in Bangkok; Thailand.The images this year have been photographed for a graphic layout that has two images per page.

Hey Gorgeous...simply lo and behold!
Moments like these can only be experienced, not told.
Thou look like a lioness out of a den,
No wonder then! The camera and the time stand frozen
Looking at you, even the laptop goes 'Oh My My!'
No wonder then, you are indeed the 'Apple' of every eye!
The poor camera has shied away from the beauties
It's simply refusing to shoot and performing its duties!

The sand and the water became priceless, the moment they sensed your touch,
Lady! One must admit that you are just 'two' much!
Please do not change the direction of your long flowing tress
Its one of the many things about you that takes away the days' stress!

Let me tell you, while shooting you, how we felt,
It's not just the sand but also the environment which began to melt!
Thou also had a startling effect on Nature's peace,
Instead of you telling the camera, the camera is hell-bent on telling you 'cheese'!

Envious legs and luscious lips are the blessings that compliment your miraculously great bod!
It's only to do full justice to them; we had to shoot you with a tripod!
Lady, you lying on the woods is making it feel so blessed and nice
Look around stunning! Thou have become the cynosure of all the eyes!

Its not just the birds and the bees
We too will carry in our hearts the eternal memories
Of the photo shoot for the Kingfisher calendar of 2009,
Which promises not to be a new bottle containing old wine!

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