Triumph Lingerie Show Day - 2 :Part - I

Triumph Lingerie Show Day - 2 : Part - II

Victoria on Cover of Russian Vogue

Tha latest issue of Russian Vogue has none other than the former Spice girl Victoria Beckham on its cover . Beckham is seen on the front cover wearing a cap and the thumb in her mouth. Also, inside the magazine she has appeared in a striking red dress with matching high heels. The mag also gives an insight into latest collection of dresses of the singer-turned-designer .

"Forties and fifties underwear played a big influence on the collection, but the main inspiration is me. I have tried every one of the dresses on, lived in them to feel the right fit. I hope to live up to the expectations of every woman who wants to wear my label,” Victoria says.

This one is a must have issue for the bekham Lovers...So Guys just check out the stores !!!!

Triumph Lingerie Show Part - I

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